Forman City Council Recap January 11, 2022 The regular meeting of the Forman City Council was called to order by Mayor Kevin Bopp. The Pledge of Allegiance was said and the agenda for the meeting was approved.    Nathan Olmsted from North Dakota Rural Water was present to give the City information and guidance regarding Backflow Prevention Plan Requirements. This will be an ongoing conversation with him as the City works to develop a plan in accordance with state requirements. Forman businesses will soon be contacted to determine needs on a site-by-site basis. Mike Keiper from the Park Board was present to discuss the need for extra lighting for one section of the bike/walking path. The Council will check into available options to get a light to this area. Sara Dux, Forman City Coordinator, was present to give an update on the City’s plans to do a Housing Market Study. This is an item that was part of Forman’s Strategic plan. The Council approved a bid from Visible City, a company bas